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Focus on Key Metrics

Metrics are plentiful and everyone can have easy right of entry to enterprise-level analytics solutions. As this fact, a huge number of sites run Google Analytics and marketers influence its user-friendly interface and vigorous reporting capabilities.

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Dec 6

How To Use Pinterest To Explore Your Business

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.It is one of the fastest growing social networking website today.It is a place to share all the beautiful collection of images you find on the web.It is connecting people all over the world based on shared their interests. It acts as a personalized media platform, here you can share your own images as well as anyone else’s uploaded pins.

Get a lot of traffics to your websites,Here are some tips to grab the attention of users.check out these tips:

Categories your Pinterest boards:

Pinterest allows people to browse by category,so be creative to describe your boards according to your customer needs. This makes it easier for your users to find your pinboards when they search boards by category of their interest. Here are few examples of boards.


Be creative on boards:

Creative pinterest boards give you the chance to inspire different kinds of people by including both business boards and personal boards. Come up with catchy board name might attract more traffic.

Build Your Pinterest Followers:

One of the best ways to build your followers is to start following the popular users who have large number of followers.when you start follow their boards and they will follow you back. Try to follow your particular niche.They come back often to see your activities. Pinning interesting content also helpful in increasing followers. Pins like popular news images, and the more repined images are the more chances of increasing your followers.

Interact with other Pinterest users:

While interacting with other pinterest users you can easily get more followers,for that you can do:


Click the “Follow” button on any other user’s profile to start follow their Pin-Boards.


If you like to discover someone else board, on your own board too by pressing the “re-pin” button on any picture.


Do comment on pins to show your interest on the site which lead to increase more followers.

Add catchy caption to your images:

Don’t copy and paste the description from the post. Try to write it from your own words. But describing too much of textual content defeats the purpose of pin it in interesting title or brief description about the image.

Use “Pin-it” button:

Make sure you add the “pin it” button to the visual content on your website so that others can easily share your visual content on pinterest.

Create a video collection:

Pinterest is not only for pinning images you can share videos also.create a board with some interesting topics to promote your business views with relevant images. Creating the video which explaining what your company does and what kinds of products or services you offer. Through this you can drive more traffic to your business.

Start pinning contest:

Running a pinterest contest that will promote your company’s views will also help you to connect with your customers. Competitions on regular basis will develop long term relationships with your customers and followers. Pinterest contest increase awareness for your business.

The above tips are just a few ways to use Pinterest. These tips should help you to get started with Pinterest as a business owner, In simple you just need to be innovative with different boards and this will enhance your business to greater heights.

Good Luck!

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